L Lee began her career as part of South Korean pop girl group Fin. As the eldest member, she was the leader of the group. Lee was discovered while taking sticker pictures with her friends and was the last member to join Fin. L, just before their debut in January L debuted officially on May 22, with their first single “Blue Rain”. The second release from their debut album, ” To My Boyfriend “, became the first of their multiple number one hits. L became one of the most popular and successful South Korean pop groups of all-time, rivaling fellow popular girl group S. Solo debut[ edit ] A year after Fin. L’s fourth studio album Forever , her solo debut album was released in August , entitled Stylish.

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He loves to play basketball and bowling in his free time. His other hobbies include watching movies and listening to some good music. He loves to take dorky selfies. Nam Joo Hyuk once mentioned that he had 3 girlfriends in the past. He also added that they who were the same age as him, but refused to reveal any other details. Behind-the-scenes videos also showed the couple ad-libbing a kiss scene.

However, in a November interview he clarified what was going on between them. His first love was in 3rd year in middle school. He fell in love with a girl with whom he used to walk to school with. He started dating her in 3rd year and even stayed with her for three years. He found her very cautious and self-conscious and maybe that was why she was reluctant to be with him. Although Nam Joo Hyuk mentioned that he had 3 girlfriends, he never said anything else about his other two girlfriends.

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Beginnings[ edit ] Upon making it into college, Joo Won’s father came up with the stage name “Joo Won” for him as the Hangul pronunciation of the name sounds similar to “God-willing”. With his love for singing, he became involved in Frees, a co-ed television performance group formed by SBS as part of a children’s TV program.

The show premiered in , but Joo Won left the show quickly thereafter. This musical role was a first of many to come, as he later appeared in other musicals, namely Singles, Grease , Sinsangnam, and most notably, Spring Awakening. However, the original actor who played Melchior left the musical midway through the production, thus allowing Joo Won to perform later on in the production. His performance in Spring Awakening caught the attention of his future agency, Sim Entertainment.

Jo Bo Ah as Jang Chae Li Kim Young Ok Others Son Yeo Eun as Sun Hye Joo Noh Susanna as Gong Na Li Jang In Sub as Choi Tae Joon Heo Jung Eun Production Credits Also Known as: Thousand Years of Love / 1,th Year Dating Genre: Web drama Episodes: 10 Broadcast network: NAVER tvcast.

Hae Soo is a psychiatrist who’s sincerely love her job, she’s sassy, smart, a little rude sometimes, in other words the opposite of her previous characters aka master sun’s Tae Gong Shil, greatest love’s Ae Jung. She has a fear of sex Gong Hyo Jin did again a marvelous job, Hae Soo is not an easy character to portray and she manage to make her much more likeable than what she actually is.

It’s pretty refreshing to see Gong Hyo Jin play a non candy role or a role with a backbone but honestly i’ll watch anything with her in it. Jae Yul is a popular DJ and writer who’s pretty much a player and again definitely not a character that will win character of the year. He isn’t someone easy to handle so if it isn’t someone like Hae Soo I doubt anyone else can handle him but at the same time, Hae Soo isn’t someone easy to handle, so if it isn’t Jae Yul, I don’t think anyone else can handle her too I like how this kinda intersects with the theme of healing each other and covering each other’s flaws.

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Ah Jie discovers that Kai Qi likes him too and confesses his feelings again. Kai Qi and Ah Jie start dating. Ah Jie went to tell his brother that he intends to remain in Taiwan. Episode 12 Hao Wei and Kai Qi are walking on the beach.

Sweet Stranger And Me is a new k-drama on KBS that has some big shoes to fill. The drama series has replaced Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (Love In The Moonlight), Park Bo Gum’s hit period drama series that garnered over 20 percent of viewership in its timeslot.

Dramas are listed from favorite to least favorite. I first saw him in Ruk Sutrit Love to the Extreme and while his character was the epitome of a spoiled brat, he really grew on me. I had never watched a period lakorn before, but it was easy to fall in love with this one. As much as they clashed and bickered, true love eventually blossomed as they got to know one another.

What I mean by that is that I started to watch it to fill the void of another drama, but it only took a few episodes for me to realize what a masterpiece this drama was. For me, Film as Terd stole the show and had me loving and hating and loving him over and over again. Terd is a complicated character who is colder, meaner, and emotionally closed off because of a personal tragedy. Nampeung coming into his life to teach his young, troubled son is just what the two of them need. The question is can either of them open up their heart to Nampeung?

Nonetheless, I slowly started to warm up to our female lead. As opposite as the leads were, they were oddly charming and well-matched. Satawat is warm and hard-working and genuinely good. Be prepared for an arranged marriage that takes some getting used to. Plus, James Ma is really, really, really adorable.

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Completely biased reviews and fangirling Dropped: Now I kinda wish I had been less patient with this show. I suppose this is one of those times when you guys can maybe learn from my mistakes.. What a great pic, though, eh?

26 Şubat Güney Kore doğumluğudur. Balık burcudur. Oyunculuk ve modellik yapmaktadır cm boyunda 45 kg ağırlığındadır. Eğitimini Sook Myung Women’s Junior High School, Eun Kwang Women’s High School, Se Jong University (Arts major) tamamlamıştır.

Jo Bo Ah’s character had a secret crush on the chef and she was looking forward to start a family with him. So, when she came to know that the screenwriter is romantically involved with him, she did everything possible to split them. While the male protagonist was in France for his cooking classes with Alain Passard, Ji Hong Ah visited him and created a misunderstanding between the onscreen couple. She told him the female lead was dating a young businessman and was happy in her life. SBS When the onscreen couple met after five years, they were not really happy about their reunion.

While the female lead tried to ignore the chef, he tried to know why she betrayed him. The only person who is really close to the duo and who knows about their misunderstanding is Park Jung Woo. It remains to be seen if he helps them rekindle their romance or teams up with Ji Hong Ah to split them forever. When the chef tells her he is not interested in going out on a dinner date with her, she tells him: I told you she has a boyfriend.

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CoM Alexa Traffic Rank for http: Isiwara wedaduru 06 MadhuVision. NeT Alexa Traffic Rank for http: Alexa Traffic Rank for http: It was originally broadcasted on by Rupavahini.

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The only problem is that the more time they spend together, the more light is shed on their contradicting personalities. They laugh at that, not realizing that Soo-jae can see them from his window above. The next day, Joon-young bursts into the station with a cheerful greeting, and his sudden attitude change startles his co-workers. He later calls Young-jae to tell her that Big Bro wants to meet with him, which has her feeling nervous.

Joon-young meets Soo-jae at his coffee truck, eager to answer any and all questions. Like a pro, Joon-young answers them all just as speedily.

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