Home Characters Potter family James Potter James Potter is a young wizard who fought against Voldemort in the s, only to be killed along with his wife Lily while trying to protect their month-old son Harry. James is the father of Harry Potter, and nearly identical to him in appearance except with hazel eyes OP He was twenty when his son, Harry, was born on July 31, As popular as he was, James also had a bitter enemy at Hogwarts: However, when Sirius played a joke on Snape and sent him toward Lupin in his werewolf form, James stepped up and saved his life PA They were tipped off and used the Fidelius Charm to hide, but James put his faith in the wrong person — his old friend Peter Pettigrew — and was betrayed PA

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British actress Lily James, already a star of Downton Abbey , must have her very own fairy godmother, sprinkling magic dust on her career. OK, enough with the fairy tales. Just five years ago, she was graduating from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Lily James was seen with a fancy ring on her finger (Picture: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images) Does Lily James have something to tell us?

She is stunningly gorgeous and she has unbelievable range. Despite being a native of Great Britain, the star has mastered the American accent, which has contributed tremendously to her success in Hollywood. While serious movie fans are definitely aware of Lily James, there are some things that they will likely not be aware of, so we decided to share five facts about this gorgeous actress to help you get up to speed on your Lily James fandom.

However, like many people who enter into the world of show business, Lily decided that her birth name was not a good fit, and so she took on a stage name that has become a major part of her identity as a celebrity. He birth name is Lily Chloe Ninette Thomson. Now that is a mouthful. Could you imagine having to read that at an award ceremony?

It is not clear why the actress did not simply shorten her name to Lily Thomson, but her stage name has definitely served her well. Acting is In Her Blood There are all types of ways that a person can develop a passion for a profession like acting. With some, it is seeing a particular movie as a kid growing up that simply inspires you.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Lily James

Her family were devout Catholics. When she was four, her father left the family. For a time, the family lived with comedian Harry Enfield while her mother dated him. The Clash singer and guitarist Joe Strummer was close to Allen.

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James Potter 27 March [1] , — 31 October , , also known as Prongs, was a pure-blood [3] [4] wizard and the only son of Fleamont and Euphemia Potter. When James started at Hogwarts, he met and became best friends with three fellow Gryffindor students: He also met Severus Snape , a Slytherin student with whom he became bitter rivals. After graduating from Hogwarts, he married Lily and together they had a son, Harry James Potter , of whom he made Sirius Black the godfather.

James, Lily, and their friends all fought in the First Wizarding War as members of the Order of the Phoenix ; he and his wife defied Lord Voldemort three times. However, James and Lily were forced to go into hiding after a prophecy was made concerning Voldemort and their infant son. James and Lily were ultimately betrayed to Voldemort by one of their close friends Peter Pettigrew.

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Lily James is Making Movie Magic Kenneth Branagh hand-picked Lily James to play his fairytale heroine, and there is a magical aspect to the career of Britain’s fastest-rising starlet. Hundreds of actresses had come in to read for the lead role. A few of the audition tapes were playing one afternoon, and Branagh hadn’t been paying close attention until he heard a voice that captured everything he felt the character of Ella should convey:

Committed to his craft, it comes with little surprise that romances have sparked up on set for the British actor, who is currently dating Cinderella herself, Lily James. Keep reading to meet all.

Lily and James Romance Stories Focus: Books Harry Potter, Since: This is for well written stories that deserve the reviews and hits. So jump aboard and find that story you’ve been searching for. After Lily’s roommate convinces their Charms class to participate in a friendly Secret Santa gift exchange, Lily starts to receive surprising presents from an anonymous source. Harry Potter – Rated: He could only imagine what she was like when she had eleventeen shots of Firewhiskey in her.

AU Harry Potter – Rated: And why exactly will he not allow his girlfriend, Lily Evans, to wear it? T – English – Romance – Chapters: In 7 days, he struggles to cope with withdrawal symptoms, while she attempts to not fall in love with him and prevent embarrassing situations like sniffing his boxers. Nobody counted on Lily choosing not to cooperate! Someone’s heart will get broken. Will it be her own?

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Read Reviews Disclaimer: Characters, the magical world, etc, is property of J. Rowling and Warner Bros, not the owner of this fic. Check back tomorrow for Chapter Two. Of Lies and Shagging Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive!

James Potter (27 March, – 31 October, ), also known as Prongs, was a pure-blood wizard and the only son of Fleamont and Euphemia Potter. He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from , and was sorted into Gryffindor. When James started at Hogwarts, he met and.

With her new movie Darkest Hour tipped to be a box office hit, here’s a look at the life of the beauty who has caught the eye of Dr Who himself Lily Chloe Ninette Thomson was born on 5 April , making her 28 years old. Acting is in her blood as her mother Ninette is an actress, and her grandmother, Helen Horton, was an American actress too. Lily and former Doctor Who Matt Smith have been dating since Whenever they are not working, they try to spend as much time together as possible.

The lovebirds have recently returned from a holiday in Croatia. They were spotted on matching bikes as they set out to explore the island of Vis in October

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That’s a horrible thing to say. A special school for freaks. She had an older sister named Petunia , and the family lived in Cokeworth , [10] England. At the age of nine, Lily became friends with Severus Snape , who lived down in Spinner’s End , which was within walking distance of the Evans’ house. However, they were apparently better off, since Petunia sneered at Snape for coming from that poverty-stricken neighbourhood.

Severus was the first person to tell Lily that she was a witch, and he went on to teach Lily a great deal about the wizarding world while the two eagerly awaited the time when they could attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry together.

British acting royalty Matt Smith and Lily James have become quite the hot couple of the acting scene ever since going public with their relationship back in , but how did Lily James and Matt.

Comment required February 11, But a casting director took one look at her heaps of blond locks and urged her to read for the starring role. James glanced at the character synopsis on the spot and suddenly found herself desperate to slip on the glass slipper. James, who was born Lily Thomson, took her stage name in his honor. Ken gave me notes with tears in his eyes — he really wanted us to find the truth in the story.

The showstopping ball gown, made from 12 layers of silk and created by Oscar-winning costume designer Sandy Powell, nearly overwhelmed the lithe actress. I tend to wear Doc Martens, ripped jeans and a jumper. The actresses clearly bonded on set, where they rambled around English heaths and castles.

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