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Jonghyun: Fans mourn death of SHINee K-pop star

Begin Slideshow The way we talk about Korean pop stars often elevates them to the realm of mysticism. Their glowing, seemingly poreless complexions make them look almost superhuman. Meanwhile, us mere mortals have to deal with pimples, sweat, dry patches, redness, and various other skin issues on the regular.

Korean Music and Drama (Kpop) Questions including “Does Hero Jaejoong of TVXQ have a girlfriend” and “How members is there in super junior”.

I guess for some people, fanfiction is sensitive but I see fanfiction as a way for people to broaden their imagination and improve their writing skills. I even wrote a post on my views towards Fanfiction: If people really want to avoid this type of fanfiction, they can. There are other fanfictions with none of these pairings to find e.

That is definitely a problem but it will not change anytime soon. Plus as Orion and Oloinen have said, teens The rape or abusive fics though. I learned about the technicalities at 7 med school textbook; yes, I understood and the fun parts starting at, what, 12? Learning about sex when I did kept me safe from STDs and pregnancy scares — I knew how to minimize the risks and felt empowered to seek quality care. I read and wrote smut, het and slash, before I was

Here’s what Sandara Park has to say about being ‘jobless’

Behind the weirdness of her videos is a disturbing story: The mind control of a young pop star. The experience was, to say the least, perplexing. Her singles Lowlife and Money were heavily promoted by the label and obtained significant radio and TV airplay. While her official VEVO channel contains the few music videos she released on Island Records, That Poppy also stars in a separate YouTube channel where bizarre, absurdist videos are uploaded on a regular basis.

Chanyeol trying to be a dad for a day taking care of the twins with Baekhyun, when in reality Chanyeol is a cute, happy, energetic child stuck in a 23 year old body Kpopismyjam kpop GIFs.

Jonghyun’s sister called police after he sent her disturbing text messages They took him to hospital but he was declared dead on Monday, December 18 CNN Fans of K-pop superstar Kim Jong-hyun are expressing their grief at the loss of the year-old singer who died Monday after committing suicide at a studio apartment in the Gangnam district of Seoul.

Better known as Jonghyun, Kim’s death was confirmed by his management company, SM Entertainment, which said: SHINee’s Jonghyun left us suddenly. Police said Jonghyun’s sister called them to the apartment about 6 p. Monday, reportedly after receiving troubling text messages from him. Tell me I did well,” and, “Final farewell,” the star said in the messages, according to South Korean media. Read More Jonghyun was rushed to a nearby university hospital but was declared dead later that evening, SM Entertainment said in the statement.

I’m still crying for this. Kim Jonghyun, now and forever. He was an even better person and he will be forever missed. The world of K-pop has lost one of its brightest stars,” he said. Earlier this year, the group went on a world tour that took in the US and released their fifth album, titled Five. Jonghyun had performed as a solo artist as recently as this month.

Jang Ki Yong and Lee Ye Na’s labels respond to dating rumors

In the end there will be one girl group with 11 members who will be together for a year. Looking back at old performances, I think she would be a great addition to a girl group. She has that adorable vibe around her and her voice is adorable too. It is really different from most girls which makes her stand out from others.

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10 Idol Couples Who Are Now Confirmed To Be Dating

When it comes to marriage and relationships, there is a collective disapproval towards South Koreans who are in relationships with foreigners. For example, a Korean woman got spat at in the streets because she had been married to an African American man. April 30 ,

Aug 28,  · Eva Marcille is expecting her first child with songwriter Kevin McCall. The year-old model and actress, who previously dated rapper Flo Rida, says her pregnancy has so far been a ‘magical’ experience and has fulfilled a lifelong ‘dream’.

That they have to pay back. There are a lot of reports from idol groups about having many days when they are lucky to get 90 minutes of sleep. Being a K-Pop idol or member of an idol group is very different contractually than a record deal. First, they have to pay the company off for the amount of training they received. The royalties for writing your own song are farrrrrrrrr more lucrative than just singing them.

This is more than the net worth than any member of SNSD. Another fact of the matter is that there is just not as big of an audience tour industry wise for artists in Korea as opposed to those in the US with a similar popularity. The last issue I will get in to for their pay is also the short career spans and relevance of the music. Lady Gaga has the 2nd most well attended concert in Korean history, and she an artist from the US who receives similar audiences globally.

The market is smaller, and the way the entertainment industry works in Korea results in comparatively small salaries for K-pop idols due to their trainee fees and the massive cuts their companies take.

Truth and Lies about Filipinas with Foreigners!

I have found out that over the past year that while I still like Kpop as much as I did the day I got into it 10 years ago, I have zero desire to write about it any longer. As much as that has happened since December when I reopened the blog, I thought about writing something but opted to do other things instead. Even as my favorite singer of all time released three MVs since Christmas, I still didn’t want to write about anything.

The site had a good run, but once the owner of a site starts neglecting said site and posts infrequently, that is when I believe it is time for the site to go.

The year-old gained even more attention after he made an appearance on SBS Strong Heart where his bank account balance worth KRW 16 million (approximately S$17,) was again disclosed by .

They are the best rokkies the last year, they worked hard to be the best. They are really funny and so adorable They are the best B1A4 should be on the top list. I am not a Kpop fan before but when I tend to listen to B1A4 songs, I kept on listening everyday and I really love them. B1A4 composed their own songs and that’s one of their edge. They also have unique and natural personalities even on and off cam. Baro has exceptional rap and dance talent, Jinyoung as song writer, singer, composer, Gongchan with sweet amazing voice, Sandeul with powerful voice, CNU with great singing talent and dance moves.

All of them are amazing. We love so you much to the moon and back! Hope to see you soon. Top 3 Sexiest body in Korea.

10 Steps on How to be a Successful Kpop Idol

To be honest, public transportation in Brunei is quite limited. Even though, over the years we could see some Friday, January 6, 4: Welcoming the new year with K-POP reality checks! As we all may well know, the Hallyu wave have swept across the globe by storm and if truth be told, K-POP culture is exciting to be a part of, however one may get caught up with it easily.

Stars Park Jin-hee and Oh Ji-ho – This poignant melodrama dives deep into the tragic story of a single father and his eight-year-old daughter Geum-bi who suffers from a rare memory loss disease known as Niemann-Pick disease type C (NPC) that is rapidly destroying her mental and physical wellbeing.

Dear Korean, How ready do you think Korea is for a foreigner in the K-pop scene? My definition of a foreigner in Korean market would be someone who isn’t Korean and does not look visibly Asian. The Korean would point out the vaguely racist quality of this question first. The Korean has no idea why Maria J. This type of question has been coming in fairly frequently, apparently because a new girl group called The Gloss has a white French girl named Olivia as a member. So is Korea ready for a non-Asian foreigner in its music scene?

Try this for a size: Two of this band’s members are Korean, but one is not. One of them is a white man from America, named Brad Moore. Moore has been quite visible in all of the band’s activities including music videos and show programs, and his whiteness or non-Koreanness has never been a subject of discussion in Korean people’s appreciation of the band. The Korean is not joking when Busker Busker was the number one K-pop band of They deserve the moniker based on any serious metric.

Hanbyul & Young Contestants Cute Performance ‘U Go Girl’ 《KPOP STAR 6》 EP14