I’m wondering if I can put this engine in a newer Chevy K with a bad I would like to have a extended cab with back doors or a 4 door pickup. If I can, what year can I go up to? What will I have to swap on the engine? Thanks for any help! Things that affect oil pressure are the weight of the oil used, temperature of the engine, engine rpm, clearances in the oil pump, the screen on the oil pick up, pressure relief valve, cam and crank bearing clearances. Just from the information you posted, it would seem your mechanic has made a logical call on replacing the engine or crank kit it.

Installing FAST’s EZ-EFI Fuel Injection System

The only differences were the addition of the TPI and improvements in the valve train Several modifications have been made to the TPI system introduced in In the cold start injector was deleted from the system. The primary injectors were used for cold starts via a fuel enrichment program in the newer EPROM calibrators.

I need electrical wiring diagrams for fog lights and door panel window and door lock lights. this is a silverado HD crew cab with the 6L. engine. thanks in advance for any help. Tring to hook up a tach. need to find correct wires. Re: Electrical Wiring Diagrams I need the 7plug wiring diagram for a ford pickup f so i can.

Ask Question Step 3: Finding the Tach Wire First I found the output from the distributor cap. My distributor is hard to get to, so I had to remove a couple wire braces to reach it. Other than being almost out of reach, finding the correct wire was fairly easy. Add Tip Ask Question Step 4: Next I clipped the meter wire onto the white wire from the distributor. To be sure it was the right one, I had someone watch the meter as I revved the engine.

Be sure to mark or remember the wire for when you come back later. Add Tip Ask Question Step 5: Next, I found where I wanted to mount the tach, and removed a dash panel to access the wiring behind it.

How to Wire an Electronic Tachometer as Easy as 1-2-3

I installed an HEI distributor, it has built in coil. So I removed the Ignition Control Module, old coil, etc Well the wiring was an absolute cluster to begin with and once the HEI was installed, it did not start, just turned over I had the Howell TBI kit on the way anyways, so I decided to just go ahead and start removing everything in prep to install the FI system. I removed the old ECM and the wiring harness.

Jun 04,  · I have had a Chevy () TBI in my cj for about 3 yrs now. It ran okay at first but then generated problems. It started missing and throwing a.

Kansas Southern Pride said: The only problem is that my truck is a Z71 with the TBI When I start the truck on my own it turns over fine, but it just takes a little longer to actually fire up. Some of you may know what I am talking about. This engine isn’t like the vortec where it fires rather quickly. Well anyways, I had the remote start put in and almost everytime I try to use the remote start, after the engine has gotten cold or sat for about 10 min.

It will turn over, but then stop I then have to use the remote start again and it always fires on the second time. Remote start isn’t any fun if the engine won’t start the first time. Its not that there is anything wrong with the engine, it is simply that mine just takes longer to fire and the remote start will not let the engine turn over as long as it needs to. So I really want to get the engine to start quicker.

I guess it would make since to buy a new starter maybe??? I just wanted to see if any of you had any suggestions on how to get this fixed.

How to Install a Tachometer

Holley has been designing and building fuel delivery hardware since when Henry Ford himself asked the Holley brothers to build a carburetor for his new Model A he was building. From that first Model A to the four-barrel found on the ’57 Thunderbird to generations of Mustangs with factory OE Holley carbs and many more with aftermarket Holley four-barrel carbs Holley and Ford have had a century long relationship. When it comes to aftermarket fuel injection Holley has had their foot in that door for a long time, believe it or not.

Troubleshooting your TBI Fuel Injection System Most of the problems encountered while installing your fuel injection system or after a time of.

Can i run this setup with the fuel commander fed by a Mechanical fuel pump? Hi Luke, you can run mechanical fuel pump to work with the Command Center. Hi according to the information that Fitech has on line, it was designed to be connected via your fuel pump. I seriously doubt it. From what I understand you “can” use your mechanical pump to feed the small fuel tank with the electrical fuel pump inside to fuel the system.

I think it’s called the “command center” by FiTech. Other brands have different names but the principle operation is the same. Yes; that’s how I installed it on a Corvette. Yes, as long as the mechanical pump provides a minimum of 3 to 4 psi of pressure.

GM HEI Distributor To Tachometer Connector

The following instructions are for creating a MegaSquirt to Relay Board cable. It is for those who are creating their own harness. With both boxes mounted, measure the distance between them from DB connector to DB connector – this will be the length that you will cut the individual wires. If you are not using a Relay Board, allow enough length in each of your wires to reach the target component.

It is often better to be too long and trim afterwards, than to be too short and have to splice additional lengths on.

HEI Ignition swap on Pontiac/GMC. By Bill Hanlon, edited by Larry Gorden. March Editors note: Although these instructions are for replacing the 57 GMC distributor with HEI ignition, they apply to any of the early year Pontiac or GMC V8 engines.

Now I see there has apparently been an update, and they now come with a vacuum line ran from the regulator to a full manifold vacuum port on the throttle body. I have people telling me I need to move it too full mainfold vacuum for it to work properly. Should I change mine to where it references from a full manifold vacuum source? I would recommend that you update to this but by no means will your system not work properly the other way.

We just found that pulling fuel pressure down in a low load situation helps the learning feature in the EFI. Allen Porter January 9, at 3: Will not start back for quite awhile. Where do I go from here? Other possibilities are no RPM reading in, low cranking voltage, or throttle closed too much. Shane January 9, at 5: Or just the carb fuel system? This will allow you to pull timing out when you are boosting the engine. Arkeem Knights January 11, at 1: Im going to run a a fuel pump from aeromotive.

Technical Details

The computer seems to be tied to just about everything, and I don’t know how that affects the swap. Bruce The CAN system would only be a problem if the vehicle has an antitheft designed into it. In that case you would need to run the module with the PCM that is in charge of the Anti theft, most of them are in the Body control module. So not really too big a problem.

Dec 08,  · PM – Post# i have a 93 silverado , i want to put just a basic aftermarket tach on it. how do you hook one up, the truck does not have a factory tach.

Sometimes or Located in front of RH strut tower Here are some external views of the GM computer I purchased with a wiring stub, connectors, and connector cover. Looking closely will show the 3 bolts that are used to hold the computer to a mounting bracket – one on each side and one at the top. These bolts are part of special clips that slide and lock into various slots in the housing that allow for different mounting options.

The dust cover just slides off by moving it away from the wiring harness – there is a small wiring clip that may need to be removed from the dust cover first – in my case the clip had already come loose from the harness tape, so the dust cover slid off easily. Note the weather seals around cover and under bolt heads – do not lose or damage these! Make sure you ground yourself before messing around inside the computer – static electricity can be deadly to sensitive and often expensive electronics.

Once the cover is off, just push each of the two side clips down and away from the MEMCAL and it will rise out of it’s socket. The blue cover removes by gently prying the end clips out on one end and lifting it off. It installs by clipping it into place. Further research indicates that they are soldered down, which makes sense given the environment they live in – lots of vibrations and heat cycles could easily cause non-soldered components to back out of their sockets and cause problems.

Here is the main computer connector removal process – aka, “unplugging the computer”. You have to squeeze the red clips on the side of each connector pretty tightly and then lift each connector out one at a time. The weather seals on the sides of each connector make them a pretty tight fit – it will take some wiggling and you will likely have some sore fingers afterwards, but it will come out with very little “pulling” force.

Don’t yank and act like a gorilla – you’ll break things and be unhappy later on when you try and put things back together.

FiTech Go EFI 4 600 HP Self-Tuning Fuel Injection Systems 30002

Problem summary I wish I could have said that this installation went perfectly smooth, but it did not, I knew that there would be problems, but I did not know it would be so many. Many of the problems were what I would call quality control errors and some were mismatched parts. And of course, I need to fess up to my poor choices for some of it.

Apr 15,  · I had hooked up a tach for my son on his ’90 TBI C a while back. Worked like a charm for maybe 2 days then the coil took early retirement amidst some smoke. Been too chicken to .

Did you change the prom out or do a custom tune or what? Well I figured I may have to do some custom tuning but I was amazed when I got it all hooked up and hit the key and it fired right up and idled smooth. He has a store and is a junkyard in New Jersey. I got everything hooked up like on the Chevy truck. The computer controls the vacuum to my EGR valve, I have the O2 sensor in a bung on one header, but the sensor is actually a 4 wire from about a 96 Buick Lesabre so It will have the heater since the stock tbi is one wire.

I’m using a 88 Bronco fuel pump E to feed the system with a resevoir and an extra low pressure pump like the broncos came with from the factory but if I had it to do over I’d just run Walbro pickups in my fuel cell. Ive also got a 88 bronco VSS in my Tcase with a matching cable to run the speedo. You may be able to find a compatable sensor that will fit you Tcase also maybe from Jagsthatrun. It helps control the Idle speed and keep the IAC motor calibrated.

It also plays a part in EGR operation if you use that and spark timing. Other than that I just locked out my factory ford duraspark distributor which is similar to the jeep autolites by tack welding the centrifugal weights and capping off the vacuum can. Then I wired the ford pick-up coil to the GM ignition module and mounted it on a piece of aluminum on the firewall. It triggers the computer and fires the GM coil.

How to upgrade a LO5 TBI engine?

You should always uninstall MegaTune before installing a newer version. You can uninstall MegaTune in three ways: Follow the directions and MegaTune will be removed. This document covers only the MegaSquirt-II hardware and v2. For other configurations, please see the developer’s site.

MSD 6 Series Installation Instructions 6A, 6AL, 6T, 6BTM, 6TN, 6ALN Parts Included: and step up the voltage to maximum strength in between each firing. At higher rpm, since The Tach Output Terminal produces a 12 volt square wave signal with a 20% duty cycle.

It never seemed to run as great as I thought it should and it was starting to do strange things like flooding whenever it felt like it. I couldn’t take it anymore and I couldn’t find anybody who seemed to be knowledgeable enough to make it work. They are easy to find, relatively inexpensive and as bullet-proof as they get. The first step was to do a little research. The internet proved to be a great source of information. I jumped on eBay and starting bidding. It included the TBI unit, the intake manifold, the ECM computer , the distributor, the wiring harness and most of the sensors.

I downloaded several pinout charts and wiring diagrams and began studying every detail. I started with the harness and began by labeling every single connector, sensor and wire. I determined there were several things in the harness that I didn’t need, such as the windshield wiper controls, power steering tuff, etc. I removed all wiring that would not be used and ended with a harness that just runs the fuel system. Next I installed all the hardware on the ’83 small block ; the intake manifold, the distributor and the TBI unit.

Once in place, I laid the wiring harness in and figured out where I wanted to mount the ESC unit, the MAP sensor and the fuel pump relay, as well as where to place the hole in the fire wall for the harness to get inside the cab where the ECM was to be mounted. Then I had to shorten several legs of the harness so that I wouldn’t have big bundles of excess wiring laying all over the inside of the engine compartment.

Diesel tach hook up