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The Hot Tub Guru: Free Advice for First-Time Buyers

Do you make swim spas? Warm water therapy has proven to be beneficial in healing, relieving and preventing injuries. For many people, it also helps to ease the stresses of everyday life, as well as provide a great environment to reconnect with family and friends. The answers to these questions are dependent on each individual situation, but the bottom line is that a hot tub is actually easy to install. In general, a hot tub can be installed in a few hours by a qualified, knowledgeable delivery crew without any special equipment.

One of our network of local dealers will be able to assist you in this process to make sure things go as smooth as possible.

This guide shows how most volt hot tubs and portable home spas are wired, with photos, a step-by-step hook-up movie & hot tub schematic wiring diagrams. This information is provided to help you to be a more informed consumer.

It’s Not Just a Hot Tub: So you are thinking about buying your first Hot Tub, eh? Reading this entire article is your first right move. As they say, knowledge is power. Well, you are going to love your hot tub. And, speaking from experience, based on years of performing installations and repairs in some of the coldest winters on the planet and with just about every make and model on the market, there are a few things you should look at first before you make that big purchase decision.

I’m not going to get into recommending any particular brand name either because they all have their pros and cons but most importantly, none of them pay me. Buying a big-ticket item like a hot tub is usually a family decision and will cost you even more money if you don’t do your homework first, so I’m going to make a few suggestions about things to look at before you buy, but the rest is up to you.

Let’s get to the facts. This information is for reference only. Many factors may have changed by the time you read this article so please, always do your homework first before you spend any money on any big ticket item. First, take a serious look at your finances. What is your budget?

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Heated water from the roof-mounted collector is piped directly into the tub. The SWH system pump and controller are housed in the box that also serves as a step. Years ago, I made my own domestic solar hot water system. It worked well, but there was a wide variation in temperature depending on the sun conditions and the level of hot water usage. The combination of plentiful sunshine and the highest energy costs in the United States would make investing in a solar water heating SWH system for your hot tub a smart idea.

Installing a 50 AMP Hot Tub Circuit How to Install the Electrical Circuit Wiring for a Hot Tub: The hot tub circuit can be installed to either panel provided the panel has enough amperage capacity, circuit breaker space allowance and the panel has a dedicated neutral wire if it is a sub-panel.

Using a generator to make electric is just too inefficient to consider in my opinion. Tankless is great for both minimalistic and off-grid living not only because of energy savings but also because of the space savings. Reply Karin March 29, at 6: I keep a bucket heater for heating water. A bucket heater is inexpensive and takes up little space. John Anderson October 27, at 9: I like that it will heat up to where I want the water to be. You can get more for the amount of propane that you use too.

Reply Alane January 21, at 4: How about the water temperature vs. The time it takes to heat it?


How much does it cost to install a hot tub? The health benefits of a hot tub are many, and millions of homeowners opt to install one in a convenient backyard location for use on a year round basis. They are not, however, available in only a few limited number of designs, and for the purpose of this discussion we will consider the costs associated with the installation of a “mid-range” hot tub designed to accommodate three to four persons.

Should a homeowner opt for a hot tub much bigger than this they are going to have to consider the implications of the weight.

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Frequently Asked Hot Tub Questions

More and more families consider their backyard as another room for family fun, togetherness and entertaining with a hot tub as the focal point. The fitness-minded install a home spa for the health benefits of relaxation and stress-relief. Here are some questions commonly asked when shopping for spas. It might be a good idea to print this page and bring it with you when you shop.

Most “spas” are made out of either fiberglass or acrylic. Acrylic spas are, by far, the better of the two types and will provide longer life and service to their owners.

Ozonator Installation in Hot Tub Spas SpaCyclopedia. SpaCyclopedia Menu. SpaCyclopedia Menu; Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide; A simple way to hook up the line is to use an ozone injector, which is a Venturi placed into a jet water line, typically 3/4″ I.D. tubing. Some hot tub jets are fed by a manifold with separate air lines to each jet, while.

This information is provided to help you to be a more informed consumer. We advise hiring a licensed electrician to wire and install a spa. If you’re not confident and qualified to do electric wiring, there’s still installation prep work you can do walk you through a typical project to show what’s involved. Electrical work and repairs can be dangerous, especially There is a risk of shock or electrocution, which could result in serious injury or death.

We strongly advise that hot tub electrical wiring be referred to a licensed electrician. The local code regulations must be followed, with permits and inspections obtained. Before installing a major appliance like a hot tub, determine if the electric service will handle the extra load. It’s usually not a problem, since most homes built in the last years have at least a amp service, with A common in newer homes.

Panel ratings are normally labeled near the main breaker at It’s a common misconception that the sum total of the amps of all the circuit breakers installed must not exceed the service panel’s indicated amp rating. Spa Wiring Basics – V Systems We’ll begin with an overview of the electrical requirements for wiring a hot tub, as illustrated by our interactive A V spa must be supplied by a circuit which meets its load requirements amperage as indicated in owner’s manual.

Per the owner’s manual, our hot tub requires a V, 50 amp 4-wire electrical hook-up, using AWG 6 copper wire. GFCI panel’s amp rating can be equal to, or larger than the feed breaker in the main panel. Hot tubs with mixed voltage components such as V ozonator and V heater require 4-wire systems, which means they require an electrical circuit providing 2 hot wires, 1 neutral, and 1 ground wire.

Check the owner’s manual.

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If the tub is ‘dedicated V’ it has no V components and does not need a Neutral wire. The Load Neutral white wire between the tub and the breaker is not used. Get a permit most likely required 2. Wire L1 and L2 just like any V breaker.

The proper wiring and hook up, depending on distance and complexity, would cost from $ to $ total. If running wire in the finished basement is required, that would push the total up even further.

Most of the ones I’ve seen require a v 50A breaker, presumably with 6 4-wire. It would be most convenient to run the line for this from my subpanel in my detached garage. I had an electrician put in the subpanel just a year ago so it is up to modern standards; previously it was knob-and-tube! This consists of a 60A breaker at the main panel in the house, run underground to the subpanel in the garage, which has room for eight GE Q-line miniature breakers.

Due to the number of available spaces, I’m guessing the breaker panel could handle more than 60A, but it’s just limited by the breaker at the main panel and by the amp rating of the wire going between the panels. There isn’t a lot of load in the garage usually, just a couple lights and outlets. I think we could have gotten away with using two 20A circuits, but he wired up two 20A circuits and two 15A circuits, using 4 of the breaker spaces.

No Tub for the Master Bath: Good Idea or Regrettable Trend?

Hot Tub Info Central believes that only a licensed electrician should connect a spa or hot tub , its water and your body we’re talking about here! I have found that in all but the warmest climates V is the way to go. This is due to the fact the when a spa is run on V the wattage of the heater in most cases is as much as quadrupled, leading to faster recovery times. This leads to more heat loss during usage.

When shopping for reference, it cost of a hot tub averages , hot tub. Hot tub along with the most homeowners make a quick, all the same time you may climb even a 60a. Anything from installation costs by itself; the costs and the store or energy costs.

Or More Than You Think I see a lot of people online asking this question and to be perfectly honest it is the wrong question to be asking. The truth is there are way too many types of hot tubs from the inflatable spas-in-a-box, to all copper luxury spas to really answer that question properly. Asking how much a hot tub actually costs is too broad, so we need to define the different segments and categories of spas on the market.

That is what I intend to do in the article. What this article will NOT be is a condemnation or endorsement for any specific tub. Even though we sell a certain line of spas here at Precision I will not get into comparisons…. In order to figure out how much a new spa is going to cost you you are going to have to define your wants, needs and expectations for you hot tub experience.

Category 1 — Temporary and Portable Spas Our first category on the hot tub price expedition brings us to the entry level no frills portable spas which include our Softtubs and even cheaper inflatable hot tubs. They generally consists of 2 parts, like a pool set up they have the main vessel that holds the water and you!

Therefore you have to not only account for the space the hot tub takes up but also the large equipment pack that runs it. This new process of molding large objects from forms by way of a degree tumbler made its way into the hot tub space by way of Dream Maker spas, and now a lot of the large manufactures have added rotomold spas to their line up. In fact Watkins manufacturing, makers of Hot Springs Spas and Caldera, own 2 different rotomold lines. However some of the entry level rotomolds do not use real heaters, they use the ambient heat created by the jet pumps.

How to Reglaze a Clawfoot Tub

These are generic instructions on how to set up an inflatable hot tub. Of course, you will want to refer to the user manual for your specific model see below for the proper guidelines and steps, but this outline will give you a general idea of the steps to take. Select a Location The first step to setting up any whirlpool tub is to find a flat, smooth, level surface. The location also must be able to support the weight of the unit, contained water and users at all times. Prepare for Inflation Next, take the spa out of the package and spread it out where you plan on using it.

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Wired for V operation, the start winding sees V, since all three windings are in parallel. I’ve measured this momentary voltage difference to ground, and I seem to remember it being in the 20V V range at it’s peak, dropping to a volt or two after start. It didn’t start any better, it just got quieter. I thought that was interesting, though probably meaningless in any practical sense. The start portion of the circuit is in green to make it easier to visualize it not being connected after start.

A capacitor run motor has a run capacitor in parallel with the start capacitor, but wired around the start switch so that the “B” winding and run cap. These are used mostly on larger single-phase motors, with the run cap. Sort of a 2-phase motor. I’ve also tossed in a sketch of two 60W light bulbs in series and parallel, as an analogy for how these small motors are connected. Same voltage drop, same current, same power, just different line voltage and current.

The series case looks just like a load center and two branch circuits, if you connect the neutral. The torque curve of a typical motor drops as the square of the voltage reduction from nameplate. With startup current for induction motors ranging from 2 to 5 times full load current, voltage drop in branch circuit conductors can be substantial.

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Maybe the candles are lit and the wine is chilled for a quiet, romantic evening in the hot tub with that special someone. Or maybe your body aches from an afternoon gardening or an extra long run and some quality time in the hot tub is just what you need to ease your pain. But as soon as you start to enjoy the soothing warm water and bubbles swirling around you, the power to your hot tub goes out!

This is one of the many possibilities when you try to save money by cutting corners on the electrical installation for your hot tub. It requires expertise and training to install a dedicated circuit for a hot tub.

It makes buying a hot tub easy and it eliminates much of the cost typically spent on delivery and installation. On top of that, set up can be done in a matter of hours, and you can do it yourself. If you want to buy a hot tub but are turned off by a work-intensive shopping experience or a long drawn-out set up process, you are in for a great.

Thanks for your electrical wiring question Kevin. Wiring a Hot Tub. Intermediate to Advanced — Best performed by a licensed electrician. Depends on personal level experience, ability to work with tools and install the hot tub wiring. Installing hot tub circuit wiring should be done with a permit and be inspected. The hot tub or spa may have built in safety features that will not allow functions to work unless a series of test have been performed by the internal control unit.

Spa or Hot Tub Wiring Updated To Code By CO Electrician